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Cat. No./Title Instructor Dates Location Days Time Cr Class No. Fee
AF201 Personal FinanceM SharifJan 30 - May 5Online--35092$1140.00
AFRSTY100 Introduction to African-American Literature
Diversity: International
S MorrisJan 30 - May 5Online--35097$1140.00
AFRSTY101 Introduction to Africana StudiesY NuruddinJan 30 - May 5Online--35095$1140.00
AFRSTY150 African Images in Literature
Diversity: International
C EjueyitchieJan 30 - May 5Online--313657$1140.00
AFRSTY300L Women in African Cultures
Diversity: International
C EjueyitchieJan 30 - May 5Online--35098$1140.00
AMST101 Popular Culture in America K WeeksJan 30 - May 5Online--35099$1140.00
AMST278L U.S. Documentary PhotographyP RaubJan 30 - May 5Online--313597$1140.00
ANTH106 Introduction to Cultural AnthropologyE KelleyJan 30 - May 5Online--35100$1140.00
ANTH211 Human OriginsT AshokJan 30 - May 5Online--35101$1140.00
ANTH247 Ancient Cities & StatesJ SchoenfelderJan 30 - May 5Online--35102$1140.00
ANTH262 Dreams & DreamingJ PastoJan 30 - May 5Online--35103$1140.00
ANTH272 Peoples and Cultures of AfricaB WorleyJan 30 - May 5Online--35104$1140.00
ANTH366 The Anthropology of ReligionJ PastoJan 30 - May 5Online--35105$1140.00
ANTH367 Social and Cultural Perspectives on Witchcraft and SorceryB WorleyJan 30 - May 5Online--35106$1140.00
ART278L U.S. Documentary PhotographyP RaubJan 30 - May 5Online--313598$1140.00
ASIAN359L Women in Modern ChinaJ BabbittsJan 30 - May 5Online--35114$1140.00
ASIAN363L Modern Japan
Diversity: International
P NovickJan 30 - May 5Online--35115$1140.00
BIOL101 The Basis of LifeJ TenzarJan 30 - May 5Online--314360$1140.00
CAPS111 Introduction to BiomimicryA FrankicJan 30 - May 5Online--35116$1140.00
CAPS131 The Business of SportsJ SpitzJan 30 - May 5Online--313988$1140.00
CHEM111L Environmental Concerns and Chemical SolutionsC KatzJan 30 - May 5Online--35117$1140.00
CLSICS270 The Life and Works of Julius CaesarR ColaizziJan 30 - May 5Online--35118$1140.00
CLSICS281 Greek CivilizationK BarnardJan 30 - May 5Online--35119$1140.00
CLSICS289 Rome in HollywoodK BarnardJan 30 - May 5Online--35120$1140.00
COMM100 Introduction to CommunicationR RabenJan 30 - May 5Online--35125$1140.00
COMM100 Introduction to CommunicationR RabenJan 30 - May 5Online--35126$1140.00
COMM105 Oral CommunicationB HendrixJan 30 - May 5Online--35128$1140.00
COMM105 Oral CommunicationB HendrixJan 30 - May 5Online--35129$1140.00
COMM210 Using Internet CommunicationR RabenJan 30 - May 5Online--35127$1140.00
COMM280 Special Topics: Media Literacy and Pop CultureA SheltonJan 30 - May 5Online--35130$1140.00
COMM350 Political CommunicationA SheltonJan 30 - May 5Online--35131$1140.00
CRMJUS367L Drugs and SocietyJ StruzzieryJan 30 - May 5Online--35132$1140.00
CRW282 Elements of Writing ProficiencyC TaylorJan 30 - May 5Online--35419$1140.00
CRW282 Elements of Writing ProficiencyK KlopmeierJan 30 - May 5Online--35420$1140.00
ECHD317 Responsibility and Ethics in Early Education and CareK MeehanJan 30 - May 5Online--313660$1140.00
ECHD422 Observing, Documenting & Assessing in Early ChildhoodS Solaimani Jan 30 - May 5Online--313659$1140.00
ECON101 Introduction to MicroeconomicsJ SpitzJan 30 - May 5OnlineMTBA - 35139$1140.00
ECON102 Introduction to MacroeconomicsN AmanJan 30 - May 5OnlineMTBA - 35138$1140.00
EHS150 Introduction to NutritionM IvanovJan 30 - May 5Online--35143$1140.00
EHS280 Statistics for Health ProfessionalsL MillikenJan 30 - May 5Online--35144$1140.00
ENGL201 Five British AuthorsL EgleJan 30 - May 5Online--35145$1140.00
ENGL262G The Art of LiteratureV KarlisJan 30 - May 5Online--35146$1140.00
ENGL272G The Art of PoetryD BuddenJan 30 - May 5Online--35147$1140.00
ENGL307 Journalism and Media WritingC HennickJan 30 - May 5Online--35148$1140.00
ENVSCI101 The Global EnvironmentJ ZhuJan 30 - May 5Online--35150$1140.00
ENVSCI102 World Regional Geography
Diversity: International
D MerwinJan 30 - May 5Online--35149$1140.00
ENVSCI281 Introduction to Geographic Information SystemsJ ZhuJan 30 - May 5Online--45151$1520.00
ENVSTY111L Environmental Concerns and Chemical SolutionsC KatzJan 30 - May 5Online--313989$1140.00
GERCTR220 Demographics and Economics of Aging
Diversity: United States
R ShermanJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: Th 7:00-8:30p35159$1140.00
GERCTR325 Applied Research in AgingN SilversteinJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: W 7:00-8:30p35157$1140.00
GERCTR355 Community Service with EldersN SilversteinJan 30 - May 5Online--35158$1140.00
GLBAFF301 Contemporary Issues in Global AffairsR WeinerJan 30 - May 5Online--311084$1140.00
GLBAFF308 Human SecurityD SharifJan 30 - May 5Online--311183$1140.00
GLBAFF309 International TerrorismL KlarevasJan 30 - May 5Online--311184$1140.00
GLBAFF310 Global Financial MarketsM SharifJan 30 - May 5Online--313063$1140.00
GLBAFF313 Regional Political EconomyM BingulacJan 30 - May 5Online--311188$1140.00
GLBAFF490 Internship in Global AffairsD SharifJan 30 - May 5Online--311190$1140.00
GREEK151 Biblical Greek IG UmholtzJan 30 - May 5Online--35121$1140.00
HIST211 Foundations of Western CivilizationM BrinkJan 30 - May 5Online--35226$1140.00
HIST212 Modern Western CivilizationJ SuttonJan 30 - May 5Online--35227$1140.00
HIST265 American History before 1877M DuffJan 30 - May 5Online--35228$1140.00
HIST266 American History since 1877L VoxJan 30 - May 5Online--35229$1140.00
HIST316 Europe since 1945S Di ScalaJan 30 - May 5Online--35230$1140.00
HIST319 History of the MediterraneanM CasiniJan 30 - May 5Online--35231$1140.00
HIST359L Women in Modern ChinaJ BabbittsJan 30 - May 5Online--35232$1140.00
HIST363L Modern Japan
Diversity: International
P NovickJan 30 - May 5Online--35233$1140.00
LATIN101 Fundamentals of Latin IR ColaizziJan 30 - May 5Online--35122$1140.00
LATIN102 Fundamentals of Latin IIR ColaizziJan 30 - May 5Online--35123$1140.00
LATIN300 Roma Aeterna: Latin Reading FluencyD AndersonJan 30 - May 5Online--313574$1140.00
MATH125 Introductory StatisticsStaffJan 30 - May 5Online--313991$1140.00
MGT130 Introduction to BusinessR AnzenbergerJan 30 - May 5Online--35175$1140.00
MSIS123 Introduction to Information SecurityG KelleyJan 30 - May 5Online--35424$1140.00
MUSIC117 History of Country Music in AmericaD PruettJan 30 - May 5Online--35177$1140.00
MUSIC248 Universe of MusicD PattersonJan 30 - May 5Online--35178$1140.00
MUSIC268 Music of Latin AmericaP JansonJan 30 - May 5Online--35179$1140.00
NURSNG314 PharmacologyL AlbertsJan 30 - May 5Online--314298$1140.00
NURSNG332 Legal, Ethical and Health Policy Issues in NursingJ MarstonJan 30 - May 5Online--35279$1140.00
PCSCOR200 Concepts of CommunityM UriarteJan 30 - May 5Online--35180$1140.00
PCSCOR220 Concepts of Social JusticeA MadisonJan 30 - May 5Online--35181$1140.00
PHIL281 Special TopicsG ZabelJan 30 - May 5Online--35184$1140.00
PHYSIC134 Energy for the FutureE GinsbergJan 30 - May 5Online--35185$1140.00
PSYCH337 Communication and SocietyM MilburnJan 30 - May 5Online--35186$1140.00
PSYCH470 History, Systems, and Theories of PsychologyS ConradJan 30 - May 5Online--35187$1140.00
RELSTY241 Myth, History, and Prophecy: Old TestamentJ Von EhrenkrookJan 30 - May 5Online--35124$1140.00
SOCIOL101 Introduction to SociologyJ OvertonJan 30 - May 5Online--35188$1140.00
SOCIOL268 Religion in Contemp SocietyJ GriffinJan 30 - May 5Online--35189$1140.00
SOCIOL355L Gender,Development & GlobilizationN AliJan 30 - May 5Online--35190$1140.00
SOCIOL367L Drugs and SocietyJ StruzzieryJan 30 - May 5Online--35191$1140.00
SOCIOL382 The Sociology of GenderJ StruzzieryJan 30 - May 5Online--35192$1140.00
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish IP ChouinardJan 30 - May 5Online--45193$1520.00
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish IP ChouinardJan 30 - May 5Online--45194$1520.00
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish IP ChouinardJan 30 - May 5Online--414575$1520.00
SPAN102 Elementary Spanish IIM BerteJan 30 - May 5Online--45195$1520.00
SPAN102 Elementary Spanish IIM BerteJan 30 - May 5Online--45196$1520.00
SPAN102 Elementary Spanish IIP AndersonJan 30 - May 5Online--413212$1520.00
THRART100 Introduction to TheatreC QuinnJan 30 - May 5Online--35176$1140.00
WGS100 Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexualities in the United StatesL BensonJan 30 - May 5Online--35215$1140.00
WGS110 Gender in Global ContextN AliJan 30 - May 5Online--35216$1140.00
WGS150 Women, Culture and IdentityL BensonJan 30 - May 5Online--35217$1140.00
WGS200 Twentieth Century Women Writers: A Feminist PerspectiveC EjueyitchieJan 30 - May 5Online--35218$1140.00
WGS220 Women and the MediaC EjueyitchieJan 30 - May 5Online--35219$1140.00
WGS260 Women’s Health CareM CordillJan 30 - May 5Online--35220$1140.00
WGS300L Women in African Cultures
Diversity: International
C EjueyitchieJan 30 - May 5Online--35221$1140.00
WGS345 Gender, Religion and Politics in South AsiaA MujumdarJan 30 - May 5Online--35222$1140.00
WGS355L Gender,Development & GlobilizationN AliJan 30 - May 5Online--35223$1140.00
WGS359L Women in Modern ChinaJ BabbittsJan 30 - May 5Online--35224$1140.00