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Cat. No./Title Instructor Dates Location Days Time Cr Class No. Fee
ART100 The Language of ArtC ScollansFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4170F3:00 - 6:00p34478
ASIAN371 Environmental Issues in ChinaJ CliffordFeb 3 - Apr 28W-1-0046F3:00 - 6:00p39337
COMM220 Interpersonal CommunicationS TardifFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4110F3:00 - 6:00p35052
DANCE132 Ballet IE LapuhFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4370F3:00 - 6:00p34492
ENGL200 Introduction to Literary StudiesStaffFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-3-3370F6:15 - 9:15p34498
ITAL101 Elementary Italian IM NatoliFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4140F3:00 - 6:00p44508
MATH115 College AlgebraStaffFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4180F6:15 - 9:30p34511
MUSIC111 An Introduction to MusicS CorneliusFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-1-1290F3:00 - 6:00p34558
MUSIC115 World MusicS CorneliusFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-1-1290F6:15 - 9:15p34559
MUSIC121 Theory IE BadeaFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-1-1340F3:00 - 6:00p35475
MUSIC131 Elements: Keyboard IC KimFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4350F3:00 - 6:00p25476
PHIL100 Introduction to PhilosophyV UrbanekFeb 3 - Apr 28W-1-0020F3:00 - 6:00p34517
PHIL108 Moral and Social ProblemsA Perez-CarrascoFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4170F6:15 - 9:15p34520
PHIL222 Moral Issues in MedicineJ BayneFeb 3 - Apr 28W-1-0044F3:00 - 6:00p34523
POLSCI371 Latin American PoltcA Rivera-OttenbergerFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-2-2330F3:00 - 6:00p34526
PSYCH215 Abnormal PsychologyStaffFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-3-3370F3:00 - 6:00p34531
PSYCH230 Social PsychologyStaffFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4180F3:00 - 6:00p35058
PSYCH234 Psychology of Cross-cultural Relations
Diversity: United States
S DaleFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4160F6:15 - 9:15p34532
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish IM SchaferFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4130F3:00 - 6:00p44868
THRART303 Musical TheatreT GordonFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4190F3:00 - 6:00p35474
WGS200 Twentieth Century Women Writers: A Feminist PerspectiveC MaleyFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4160F3:00 - 6:00p35056