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Cat. No./Title Instructor Dates Location Days Time Cr Class No. Fee
ABA661 Behavioral Analytic Approaches to Psychological DisordersJ ChokJan 30 - May 5Online--35090$1560.00
ABA698 Applied Behavior Analysis for Special Populations PracticumC Almeida, M Collier-MeekJan 30 - May 5Online--1-65091$TBA
APLING601 LinguisticsC MeyerJan 30 - May 5Online--35107$1560.00
APLING603 Cross-Cultural PerspectivesK Beckman-BrittoJan 30 - May 5Online--35108$1560.00
APLING605 Theories and Principles of Language TeachingJ ShinJan 30 - May 5Online--35109$1560.00
APLING612 Integrating Culture into the Language CurriculumK BuescherJan 30 - May 5Online--35110$1560.00
APLING618 Teaching ESL: Methods and ApproachesA Carhill-PozaJan 30 - May 5Online--35111$1560.00
APLING621 PsycholinguisticsA O'BryanJan 30 - May 5Online--35112$1560.00
APLING623 SociolinguisticsK Beckman-BrittoJan 30 - May 5Online--35113$1560.00
APLING627 Phonetics and PhonemicsG MikrosJan 30 - May 5Online--313724$1560.00
APLING637 Ethnography of Education: Culture, Language, & LiteracyL BartolomeJan 30 - May 5Online--313725$1560.00
APLING698 Practicum/Field ExperienceK KissJan 30 - May 5Online--313726$1560.00
CRCRTH602 Creative ThinkingL WitkowskiJan 30 - May 5Online--35319$1560.00
CRCRTH615 Holistic & Transformative TeachingJ SzteiterJan 30 - May 5OnlineM4:00 - 6:45p35320$1560.00
CRCRTH616 Dialogue ProcessesC GunnlaugsonJan 30 - May 5Online--35321$1560.00
CRCRTH653L Epidemiological Thinking and Population HealthP TaylorJan 30 - May 5OnlineTu4:00 - 6:45p35323$1560.00
CRCRTH688 Reflective PracticeJ SzteiterJan 30 - May 5OnlineM7:00 - 9:45p1-35324$TBA
CRCRTH693 Action Research for Educational, Professional & Personal changeJ SzteiterJan 30 - May 5OnlineTh7:00 - 9:45p35325$1560.00
CRCRTH694 Synthesis of Theory and Practice SeminarP TaylorJan 30 - May 5OnlineTu7:00 - 9:45p35326$1560.00
CRSCAD603L Reconstruction After the Cameras Have GoneA AwotonaJan 30 - May 5Online--35134$1560.00
EDCG644 Dvlp Stgs:Chld-AdlscJ KellingerJan 30 - May 5Online--35140$1560.00
EDCG648 New Literacies and Emerging Technologies across the Content AreasM KesslerJan 30 - May 5Online--311202$1560.00
EDLDRS752 International Education Policy and LeadershipF MenashyJan 30 - May 5Online--35142$1560.00
ENVSCI623L Introduction to Geographic Information SystemsJ ZhuJan 30 - May 5Online--45152$2080.00
GCPA613 Comparative Education PolicyF MenashyJan 30 - May 5Online--35154$1560.00
GERONGR610 Understanding Data: Research Methods for ManagersStaffJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: M 7:00 - 8:30p35451$1560.00
GERONGR612 Healthy Aging PerspectivesM MatzoJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: Su 7:00 - 8:30p35450$1560.00
GERONGR624 Aging Policy and ProgrammingK KaffenbergerJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: Tu 7:00 - 8:30p35454$1560.00
GERONGR630 Residential Long Term Care ManagementK KaffenbergerJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: Th 7:00 - 8:30p35458$1560.00
GERONGR635 Leadership and Ethics in Aging ServicesC ArnoldJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: Th 7:00 - 8:30p35460$1560.00
GERONGR638 An Overview of Environmental Gerontology: The Micro-to-Macro ContinuumM De RoseJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: Sa 10:00 - 11:30a35459$1560.00
GERONGR645 Marketing of Aging ServicesR DwyerJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: Tu 6:45 - 8:15p35453$1560.00
GERONGR650 Service Delivery Issues in AgingP Rivard-GardnerJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: M 7:00 - 8:30p35452$1560.00
GERONGR660 Organization and Financing of Aging ServicesL RichardsonJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: W 7:00 - 8:30p35456$1560.00
GERONGR670 Human Resources & Personnel Management in Aging ServicesJ HydeJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: Th 7:00 - 8:30p35457$1560.00
GERONGR675 Organizational Change and Aging ServicesE BirchanderJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: W 7:00 - 8:30p35455$1560.00
GERONGR692 Capstone Project Seminar in Managment of Aging ServicesP NadashJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: Su 7:00 - 8:30p35448$1560.00
HIST605 Introduction to HistoriographyV CannatoJan 30 - May 5Online--35234$1560.00
HIST638 World War IS Di ScalaJan 30 - May 5Online--35235$1560.00
HIST682 Topics in American HistoryM LockJan 30 - May 5Online--35236$1560.00
HIST690 Thesis PreparationT HacsiJan 30 - May 5Online--35237$1560.00
INSDSG601 Foundations in Instructional Design and Learning TechnologyL AndrewsJan 30 - May 5Online--35434$1560.00
INSDSG602 The Adult as LearnerC ManningJan 30 - May 5Online--35435$1560.00
INSDSG605 Collaborative Learning DesignG ShwalbJan 30 - May 5Online--35437$1560.00
INSDSG607 Using Primary Research for Evidence-Based PracticeC ShariczJan 30 - May 5Online--35438$1560.00
INSDSG634 Project Management in Instructional DesignF KeefeJan 30 - May 5Online--35440$1560.00
INSDSG640 Planning, Design and Development of eLearningC ManningJan 30 - May 5Online--35441$1560.00
INSDSG697 Special Topics in Instructional DesignC ShariczJan 30 - May 5Online--313697$1560.00
INTDEV501 International Development: Theory and HistoryJ CliffordJan 30 - May 5OnlineM7:00 - 8:00p313662$1560.00
INTDEV503 Program Monitoring and Evaluation for International DevelopmentF SullivanJan 30 - May 5Online--313661$1560.00
LATIN697 Special Topics: Fluent Reading in LatinD AndersonJan 30 - May 5Online--314535$1560.00
MSIS634 Health Information Privacy & SecurityR AyyagariJan 30 - May 5Online--35428$1560.00
MSIS635 Health Information AnalyticsK DuJan 30 - May 5Online--35429$1560.00
MSIS656 Information Storage ManagementP DelvyJan 30 - May 5Online--35430$1560.00
MSIS670 Enterprise Business IntelligenceN AshrafiJan 30 - May 5Online--35431$1560.00
MSIS671 Enterprise Data Warehousing for Business IntelligenceH HaoJan 30 - May 5Online--35432$1560.00
NURSNG614 Advanced PathophysiologyH LeeJan 30 - May 5Online--313309$1560.00
NURSNG614 Advanced PathophysiologyT ButtaroJan 30 - May 5Online--313310$1560.00
NURSNG615 Advanced Health Assessment PracticumE LatourJan 30 - May 5Online--65238$3211.50
NURSNG616 Evidence Based Practice I: Appraising the Strength and Significance of EvidenceL Heelan-FancherJan 30 - May 5Online--313311$1560.00
NURSNG618 Introduction to Health Policy, Finance and EthicsB RowlandsJan 30 - May 5Online--313314$1560.00
NURSNG631 The Role of the Advanced Practice NurseL CurtinJan 30 - May 5Online--35239$1560.00
NURSNG634 Advanced Pharmacology for the Advanced Practice NurseP BrooksJan 30 - May 5Online--35240$1560.00
NURSNG634 Advanced Pharmacology for the Advanced Practice NurseP BrooksJan 30 - May 5Online--35241$1560.00
NURSNG637 Mental and Psychosocial Health of the Urban FamilyS KimJan 30 - May 5Online--35242$1594.00
NURSNG637 Mental and Psychosocial Health of the Urban FamilyS KimJan 30 - May 5Online--35243$1594.00
NURSNG639 Primary Care of AdultsT ButtaroJan 30 - May 5Online--35244$1560.00
NURSNG639 Primary Care of AdultsJ HackelJan 30 - May 5Online--35245$1560.00
NURSNG665 Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Clinical Practicum: Focus on the CNS RoleJ MarstonJan 30 - May 5Online--313340$1643.00
NURSNG670 Primary Care of the Adult PracticumK OuztsJan 30 - May 5Online--65246$3120.00
NURSNG670 Primary Care of the Adult PracticumT ButtaroJan 30 - May 5Online--65247$3120.00
NURSNG670 Primary Care of the Adult PracticumM CrabtreeJan 30 - May 5Online--65248$3120.00
NURSNG671 Primary Care of the Older AdultT ButtaroJan 30 - May 5Online--35249$1560.00
NURSNG672 Primary Care of the Older Adult PracticumB RowlandsJan 30 - May 5Online--65250$3211.50
NURSNG681 Primary Care of the Childbearing FamilyM FergusonJan 30 - May 5Online--35252$1560.00
NURSNG682 Practicum in Primary Care of the FamilyD AloeJan 30 - May 5Online--65253$3211.50
NURSNG682 Practicum in Primary Care of the FamilyD AloeJan 30 - May 5Online--65254$3211.50
NURSNG682 Practicum in Primary Care of the FamilyM FergusonJan 30 - May 5Online--65255$3211.50
NURSNG715 Health InformaticsS LaCoursiereJan 30 - May 5Online--313315$1560.00
NURSNG715 Health InformaticsS LaCoursiereJan 30 - May 5Online--313316$1560.00
NURSNG722 Improving Outcomes: Identification, Interventions, and Evaluation of Quality Improvement ActivitiesP Reid-PonteJan 30 - May 5Online--313317$1560.00
NURSNG761 DNP Internship IS LaCoursiereJan 30 - May 5Online--113318$580.00
NURSNG762 DNP Internship IIS LaCoursiereJan 30 - May 5Online--113319$575.00
NURSNG764 Capstone Seminar Internship IVS ParkerJan 30 - May 5Online--2113320$1095.00
NURSNG766 Health Finance and EconomicsB RowlandsJan 30 - May 5Online--313322$1560.00
PUBADM611 E-Government: The Internet and Public PolicyA ManoharanJan 30 - May 5Online--35156$1560.00
PUBADM621 Analytic Skills IIHC WuJan 30 - May 5Online--311762$1560.00
PUBADM645 Program EvaluationStaffJan 30 - May 5Online--35155$1560.00
SPAN512 Assessing Foreign-Language Learners (Spanish)S MrazJan 30 - May 5Online--35198$1560.00
SPEG621 Introduction to Disabilities for Educational ProfessionalsM MurphyJan 30 - May 5Online--35201$1560.00
SPEG624 Standardized Assessments for Students with Moderate Disabilities, PreK-12L LoJan 30 - May 5OnlineM4:00 - 6:45p35199$1560.00
SPEG630 Building Collaborative Partnerships with Families of Students with DisabilitiesL LoJan 30 - May 5Online--35200$1560.00
UPCD623L Introduction to Geographic Information SystemsJ ZhuJan 30 - May 5Online--45153$2080.00
WGS583 Seminar in Gender, Culture, Society/Graduate Consortium in Women’s StudiesP TaylorJan 30 - May 5OnlineLMS Chat: W 5:00-8:00p35225$1560.00