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Distribution: World Languages

Please note: Courses marked with "[PR]" in the "Cat. No./Title" column have prerequisites or permission requirements that must be met before enrolling; for details, see course description by clicking on the course title.

The fee for on-campus classes is based on a student’s matriculation and residency status. For more information, please see Spring 2017 fees.


Cat. No./Title Instructor Dates Location Days Time Cr Class No. Fee
ARABIC101 Elementary Arabic IA MouhibFeb 4 - Apr 29Y-4-4130Sa11:45a - 2:45p44476
ARABIC102 Elementary Arabic IIA MouhibFeb 4 - Apr 29Y-4-4140Sa8:15 - 11:15a44477
FRENCH102 Elementary French IIP O'ConnellFeb 4 - Apr 29Y-4-4130Sa11:45a - 2:45p44502
GREEK151 Biblical Greek IG UmholtzJan 30 - May 5Online--35121$1140.00
ITAL101 Elementary Italian IM NatoliFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4140F3:00 - 6:00p44508
LATIN101 Fundamentals of Latin IR ColaizziJan 30 - May 5Online--35122$1140.00
LATIN102 Fundamentals of Latin IIR ColaizziJan 30 - May 5Online--35123$1140.00
LATIN300 Roma Aeterna: Latin Reading FluencyD AndersonJan 30 - May 5Online--313574$1140.00
LATIN697 Special Topics: Fluent Reading in LatinD AndersonJan 30 - May 5Online--314535$1560.00
LING152 Elementary American Sign Language IID IoannidesFeb 4 - Apr 29Y-4-4120Sa11:45a - 2:45p34509
LING153 Elementary American Sign Language IIID IoannidesFeb 4 - Apr 29Y-4-4120Sa8:15 - 11:15a34510
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish IM SchaferFeb 3 - Apr 28Y-4-4130F3:00 - 6:00p44868
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish IP ChouinardJan 30 - May 5Online--45193$1520.00
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish IP ChouinardJan 30 - May 5Online--45194$1520.00
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish IP ChouinardJan 30 - May 5Online--414575$1520.00
SPAN102 Elementary Spanish IIA MogaveroFeb 4 - Apr 29Y-4-4110Sa11:45a - 2:45p44553
SPAN102 Elementary Spanish IIM BerteJan 30 - May 5Online--45195$1520.00
SPAN102 Elementary Spanish IIM BerteJan 30 - May 5Online--45196$1520.00
SPAN102 Elementary Spanish IIP AndersonJan 30 - May 5Online--413212$1520.00