Distribution: Natural Science

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Cat. No./Title Instructor Dates Location Days Time Cr Class No. Fee
ANTH211 Human OriginsT AshokFeb 1 - May 6Online - 37160$1095
BIOL101 The Basis of LifeJ TenzarFeb 1 - May 6Online - 37650$1095
BIOL108 Introduction to NutritionA BradleyFeb 1 - May 9CopleyM6:00 - 9:00p31003$1095
BIOL112 General Biology IIA BaldingerFeb 1 - May 11BraintreeMW6:30 - 9:30p41004$1460
CAPS111 Introduction To BiomimicryA FrankicFeb 1 - May 6Online - 38137$1095
CHEM111L Environmental Concerns and Chemical SolutionsC KatzFeb 1 - May 6Online - 37440$1095
ENVSCI101 The Global EnvironmentJ ZhuFeb 1 - May 6Online - 311680$1095
ENVSCI225 Weather and ClimateM MensoianFeb 6 - Apr 30W-2-158Sa8:15 - 11:15a35173
ENVSTY101 The Nature of Environmental ProblemsN MohantyFeb 1 - May 6Online - 36895$1095
ENVSTY111L Environmental Concerns and Chemical SolutionsC KatzFeb 1 - May 6Online - 37441$1095
PHYSIC134 Energy for the FutureE GinsbergFeb 1 - May 6Online--314472$1095